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I've been neglecting this blog lately. The reason for that is I've been kind of busy lately, and have barely had time to sit at the computer at all. I've changed appartment, I now live on the south side of the river, still in Umeå though. Moved in with a guy named Linus, who has unfortiounately been sick for a while now and have been living with his folks. So, even though I've lived here for a week now I haven't seen him at all, bummer. I hope he'll be better soon so we can start living this awesome life we visioned before I moved here.

Apart from that not much is new. Been spending a lot of time with that lovely girl on the picture, kept on working my hardest at Vattenfall and started working out again.
Something pretty great though, Henrik and Erik got me a photo gig! I choose not to say too much about it to keep up a certain level of mystique, but I promise it'll be awesome.
Over and out.

Oskar Sandström


At his finest.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Best of 2010

I'm a bit late with this summation of 2010, but anyway, here it goes; some of my favourite pictures from the past year. Enjoy.

Tiger Hill
Henrik I
The Humble Administrator's Garden
Håkan, Joar and Adam
Towern of London
Great wall of China
Ape rape escape
Gas station I
Cleaner at Forbidden City
Streets of Shanghai
Shanghai trainstation

This past year has been pretty amazing. I have:
- Lived in 3 cities
- Lived in 2 countries
- Visited 3 countries
- Had 4 jobs
- Seen Kent and Paramore live
- Stood outside Coldplay's studio
- Read two of the best books of my life
- Made a lot of new friends
- Entered my 20s
- Grown about 1 cm
- Fallen in love

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Innocence personified

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